Rabi’ul Awwal

Rabi’ul Awwal is the third month of the Islamic calendar and is significant in Islamic history for it is the month in which humanity was blessed by the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The name means the first month/beginning of spring. However since the lunar calendar year 11 to 12 days shorter than the solar year,Rabi’ul Awwal migrates through the seasons.

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Events of the Month of Rabi’ul Awwal

8th – Wafat of Imam Hasan Al-Askery (pbuh)

10th – Wafat of Abdul Mutallib

10th – Marriage of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Sayyida Khadija (pbuh)

15th – Building of the first mosque in Islam at Quba (3 miles outside Madina)

16th – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) entered Yathrib (Madina) from Makka – THE HIJRA (Islamic Calendar dates from here)

17th – Birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

17th – Birth of Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (pbuh)

18th – Birth of Umm Kulthum bint ‘Ali (pbuh)

25th – Wafat of Abu Talib


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