About Us

Q Fatima is a resource function developing innovative, educational material to ensure that a simple, relevant and interactive platform is established for the teaching of Islam. In essence, it is a tool to enable us to understand our faith and be understood.

Q Fatima Timeline

  • 1991Our journey began on the 9th of January 1991 with 4 teachers and 40 students at the Husaini Islamic Centre in Stanmore with Hujjat Saturday Workshop. The aim was to reach our personal best with the guidance from the Qur’an and the Ahlulbayt. Today Hujjat Saturday Workshop still runs with over 70 teachers and 350 students. It is the pilot institution for QFatima where all the materials are tried and tested.
  • 1992The first edition of QRead was produced and was called simply ‘Q’.
  • 1993The first set of QSchool manuals called AL ISLAMU DEENIY (Islam is my religion)
  • 1999Hour long daily programmes broadcasted  on Radio Asia and then subsequently ARY Radio. 
  • 2005When ARY Radio ceased to broadcast abruptly in June 2005;  we bought airtime directly from Spectrum Radio and began RADIO FATIMA on July 18 2005. The Radio Fatima website – www.radiofatima.com was launched in September 2005.
  • 2007The concept of a journey through the Qur’an conceptualised as Q114.
  • 2009QFatima launched and registered as a charity in
  • 2010A complete QSCHOOL teaching methodology development initiated with Ayatul Birr as its base
  • 2014Beginning of our journey in building Qur’an City
  • 2017Our journey through Qur’an City continues…
    New website launched

What We Do

  1. Online resource centre
  2. Q School
  3. Qur’an City
  4. Teaching Resources
  5. Resources for RE for schools
  6. Q Pid
  7. Q Tube

Q Fatima Team

  • Ummulbanin Merali
  • Saleem Asaria
  • Fatim Chagpar
  • Femina Rajpal
  • Muhaimina Walji